Benefits and eligibility check

With our up-to-date techniques and tools, it only takes 1-2 days to check the benefits & eligibility for new / old patients. We understand this first step to be crucial and we treat it as such, thus minimizing the risk of claim denials.

Paid claims follow-up

In the event that an EOB or Explanation of Benefits document sent by a health insurance company goes missing in transit, we ensure that we provide you with a summary of medical services provided, payment made and amount billed. This would include details like - Amount Paid, Cheque Number, Cheque Date, Patient Responsibility.

Unpaid & denied claims follow-up

Our in-house experts follow-up with insurance companies for unpaid claims and claims that may have been refused by the insurance provider. We consistently pursue pending claims to ensure maximum insurance reimbursement and appeal denials that occur. Our team is experienced and thorough while handling this process.

Soft collection

Collection of outstanding dues is one of the most tedious activities for a therapist to undertake. To save your time and efforts, we can assist you with collection services via phone calls while also taking charge of your invoice and billing activities to patients.

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Benefits and eligibility check​​​

Paid claims follow up​

Unpaid claims follow up

Denial follow up

Soft Collection


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