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Patient information entry

Our expert team, as part of our therapy billing services, can efficiently enter all the key patient information into the software, thereby creating an electronic medical record. We can also verify the information to ensure accuracy.

Insurance eligibility verification

We recognize the importance of insurance verification and the patient’s eligibility to claim insurance. Our expert staff will examine the patient’s eligibility as compared to the benefits they receive. Some of the areas that we look into are: documentation verification, eligibility check and correction of medical information.

Claim management

As part of our behavioral health billing services, we send electronic claims to all major payors including Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, United, Cigna etc. However, we work closely with smaller carriers to where only paper claims are accepted.

Claim follow up

Our job does not end here. We recognize that a strong follow-up is a necessity & hence, we look deeply into delayed, denied or unpaid claims to ensure maximum reimbursement.


We  charge a fixed percentage of the total insurance reimbursement in a month – no charges on deductible and Copays / Coins.

We are fully HIPAA compliant.

We can start billing in 1 day – all we need is the patient’s info, their demographics and the provider’s info. 

All payments will come to the provider’s address – either EFT or paper checks; depending on the way they have been set up. 

No other charges for any other work. There’s only a fixed percentage and all our services included in it.  

Yes absolutely – you can reach at 888-226-0546 and you would get a prompt response.  

All we sign is a general contract explaining services and the HIPAA agreement.   


Clean Claim is our way

Provider Enrollment / Credentialing

Outstanding Claims Follow Up

Claims Management

Electronic Medical Claims Submission

Paper Claims Submission

Claims tracking and follow-up of denials

Secondary Insurance Submission

Receivables Management

Payment Posting

Patient Invoices

Wellcare Services

We send timely appointment reminders to patients.

Maintaining cordial relations with clients is a very crucial but time consuming for a healthcare professional. We take care of this. Our trained staff will send patients greetings and wishes from time to time to keep them in your good books.

Others Services

IT Services


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